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Camp Horseshoe Protocols

Please read through the below protocols and procedures carefully. Due to the nature of the pandemic, policies and procedures are subject to change. We will continue to follow the guidelines and recommendations set forth by the Ontario government and public health officials. 

Overall Measures

  • Each camper will be asked to agree to our code of conduct, which includes physical distancing, frequent hand washing and sanitizing. Campers who are unable or unwilling to follow the camp code of conduct may be asked to leave camp to protect the safety of all participants.
  • We have reduced the number of campers in the program this summer; cohorts will consist of 9 campers and 3 counsellors.
  • Campers will be assigned to one cohort and will not be allowed to intermingle with any other campers outside of their cohort. Each cohort will have the same counsellors for the entire week at camp.
  • There will now be separate areas for camp groups in order to practice physical distancing. Campers that have symptoms of COVID-19 will not be admitted to the camp program and caregivers will be asked to take the camper home and have them tested at their local assessment centre.
  • All staff members have health and safety training with regards to COVID-19.
  • There will be frequent hand washing and hand sanitizing. Our washrooms and sanitization stations have signage that provides information on proper hand washing and sanitizing.
  • As we are limiting contact as much as possible, we will no longer be assisting with the application of sunscreen. Campers MUST know how to properly put sunscreen on. As well, campers must know how to put on and take off their bathing suits, zip and unzip articles of clothing and bags.
  • Our camp rooms, items and other facilities will be sanitized before and after each use. A cleaning log will be provided to ensure we are keeping track of all sanitization procedures.

Screening Requirements

  • Caregivers must do a temperature check of campers at home each morning. If the camper’s temperature exceeds 37.8C, please keep the camper home and call the Camp Horseshoe office to let staff know.
  • Campers who have not had a temperature check will not be admitted to camp. Additionally, if anyone in the household is exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, the camper must stay home.
  • With caregivers (age 18 and older with knowledge of the child’s health) present, staff will conduct a camper daily health screening that involves caregivers answering several questions. Campers that have symptoms of COVID-19 will not be admitted to the camp program and caregivers will be asked to take the camper home and have them tested at their local assessment centre.
  • A staff member will greet campers and parents outside, as parents will not be allowed inside the building.
  • If you miss our designated drop-off time, you will have to contact Camp Horseshoe staff and they will meet you.
  • Parents are required to do a daily pre-screening assessment for their campers before arriving at Horseshoe Resort. Camp staff are also required to do a pre-screening before arriving at Horseshoe Resort.
  • If a camper falls ill while at camp, they will be placed in an isolated quiet room with a Horseshoe team member. Caregivers will be contacted to pick up their camper immediately. The caregiver will be asked to take the child to a COVID-19 assessment centre to be tested. If a negative result is confirmed, the child will be allowed to return to camp.

Face Coverings

  • Face coverings are required for campers grade 1 (as of September 1st, 2021) and up, as well as staff.
  • Face coverings are required indoors, but may be removed while eating.
  • If a camper or staff member forgets to bring a mask, there will be disposable masks available.
  • Horseshoe Resort requires face coverings to be worn in the lift lines and on the chairlift.
  • Face coverings are not required for other outdoor activities such as lake activities, hikes or camp games, provided 2 metres of physical distance can be maintained.
  • We recommend that campers bring more than one face covering, just in case it gets soiled, damp or damaged.
  • A balaclava is perfectly acceptable for the biking portion of camp (lift lines and riding the chairlift).

If there are any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via email at