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Why Do We Get So Much Snow?

Horseshoe Resort is only one hour north of Toronto, yet we receive DOUBLE the amount of snow. Ever wonder how that’s possible?

We’re perfectly situated in what has affectionately become known as the “Barrie Snowbelt.” A Snowbelt is a region that receives a considerable amount of lake-effect snow, often times creating blizzard-like conditions. While some people dread this type of winter weather, ski and snowboard enthusiasts fully embrace everything that living in a Snowbelt area offers and anxiously await the first snowfall every year.

Check out how much snow we really get. Video taken February 2017.

Lake-effect snow occurs when cold winds travel across long stretches of warmer lake water, gathering water vapor which then freezes as it rises up through the colder air above. The result? Falling snow! Horseshoe Resort is on the Southern edge of Ontario’s Snowbelt region, where lake-effect snow, primarily from Georgian Bay, falls throughout the winter months. The region typically receives twice the amount of snow than Toronto, making it the perfect winter destination for skiers and snowboarders!

Nestled in the middle of Highway 400 North and Highway 11 North, Mother Nature blesses Horseshoe Valley and surrounding area with an abundance of snow that Georgian Bay’s heavy winds blow in its direction. 

While there have been massive improvements to the resort’s snowmaking abilities this year (we’re talking $1 million dollars’ worth), there’s still nothing quite like a good old fashioned snowstorm to get the adrenaline pumping! We are more than ready for winter to pay us a visit and you can bet that staff around the resort will be jumping for joy when the first snowfalls hits the ground!


It won’t be long before we are welcoming skiers and snowboarders back for another epic season on the slopes. Until then, we will patiently await the colder weather and dream of snow covered days. 

The chart below shows double the amount of snow in Barrie compared to Toronto region.

Written by Krystle Forget