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Lake Horseshoe


Available May – October

Lake Horseshoe officially opened in August 2017 and has been a welcome addition to the resort! The lake brings swimming, a sandy beach and waterfront activities to resort guests and the local community. Relax on the beach, cool off in the water or grab a stand-up paddleboard and go for a spin around the lake. Don’t forget to try out the giant water inflatable and trampoline–climb, jump and slide your way to non-stop fun!

**NEW FOR SUMMER 2018** Learn how to wakeboard in our brand new cable park–no boat required! Wakeboard cable systems are perfect for those who are new to the sport and even for those who are more experienced. The cable system pulls riders around the lake on a set track, allowing beginners to become comfortable on a wakeboard before they progress to boat riding. It’s a great way to learn how to wakeboard in a safe, fun and controlled environment and provides an ideal atmosphere for advanced riders to train and practice tricks.

FUN FACT: Lake Horseshoe is beneficial to the resort all year round, adding 12 million gallons of water for snowmaking in the winter season!

Click here for pricing on the inflatable, trampoline, stand-up paddle boards and corcls. 

*Please note that there are a limited number of life jackets available.